DIY Leather Wine Charms

Wine charms! A dinner party necessity.
Check out these rustic leather wine charms you can make at home. These are simple, sleek and cheap to make. Keep them handy for your next impromptu wine night or for a thoughtful housewarming gift. Leather is an unusual material to use so it makes for a fun, modern accessory. These are not your mom’s beaded wine charms! You can make these your own and select some funky colors or utilize natural leather tones. Old wallets or leather scraps are perfect for this project. You can pick up some sample pieces at your local fabric store or leather shop. Happy crafting!

What you’ll need

3 inch long scraps of leather
Industrial hole punch.
Wine Charm Rings- you can purchase a 100 Piece for $5 on Amazon.
Rivet Tool Kit. Can get for $10 on Amazon.
Optional: beads or string for a unique design.


  1.  Take one strip of leather and cut it into your desired shape. It looks cool to keep the edges rough or you can make a design into the end. Fold leather in half and repeat design on both edges.
  2. With your leather strip folded in half, punch a hole through both layers about a quarter of the way down from the fold.
  3. With the rivet kit, clamp the rivet through both layers.
  4. Slip the charm ring to attach the clamped section.
  5. Repeat with different pieces of leather for a completed set.