2018 Sonoma Summit – Zealous about Sonoma County Zinfandel Event

This week, Sbragia Vineyards hosted the Zinfandel Master Class Luncheon “Zealous about Sonoma County Zinfandel” for the tenth anniversary of Sonoma Summit. This annual event highlights local artisan wines and producers around the county, exposing the different regions, history, and styles of winemaking. Sommeliers and trade professionals from around the U.S. were invited to learn and celebrate the local wines of Sonoma County.
During this Zinfandel Master Class, 12 winemakers presented their Zinfandels. Winemaker, Adam Sbragia shared one of our flagship wines, the 2015 Gino’s Zinfandel. Named after Adam’s grandfather, this is an important wine in his winemaking career and to his ties to Dry Creek Valley.
“ I am the fourth generation to work in Dry Creek Valley and make wine. Hopefully, my daughters will be the fifth. They’ll get to work any day! For me, Zinfandel was always on the table. Growing up, there was always a barrel in the back of the barn, that being good old Italians, we broke into way too early.”
The Sbragias grew up with plenty of wine on hand in the form of table wine and blends. “We try to make the Zinfandel the way we grew up: smooth, fruit forward, and nice tannins. My grandfather grew up drinking Chianti and I feel like this wine is like that. Like a lot of the winemakers here, I field blend our Zinfandel.” Blending Zinfandel with other found varietals is common in Sonoma County winemaking. The vineyards planted by Adam’s grandfather in the 1930’s and 1950’s are field blends and he is proud to continue his family’s tradition.

Adam loves Zinfandel but acknowledges the struggles working with the varietal. “I am not as delicate. I grew up in a Cab family. I like to say, if you can’t grow Zin in Dry Creek, you might as well go to Napa and make Cab because it’s a lot easier.” Adam enjoys the challenge of creating well balanced Zinfandel. Adam explains,“I’m trying to make a wine that is food friendly, approachable upon release, but also can stand the test of time.” Adam works hard to make quality Zinfandels to represent both his family and Sonoma County winemaking.
Sbragia Family Vineyards was happy to be a part of this amazing event!

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