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Looking for a special experience with us? Discover elevated tastings to enhance your visit to our Estate winery in the Dry Creek Valley.

Reservations are based upon availability and are required for elevated experiences. Please contact our concierge to book your appointment at (707)473-2992 x 109 or concierge@sbragia.com

Legacy Tasting

$50 per guest | $40 per wine club members

Experience the winemaking styles of Ed & Adam Sbragia as it has been passed down through four generations. A Cabernet Sauvignon tasting that includes 6 wines from the past and present, truly showcasing the essence of the Sbragia Legacy. 

Held in our Library Room for groups up to 8 people. Email concierge@sbragia.com for bookings.

Offered Monday- Friday at 10:30 am & 1:30 pm. By Appointment Only.

Sensory Tasting

$50 per guest | $40 Wine Club Members

A tasting designed to captivate the human senses using the Le Nez Du Vin aroma kit while introducing culinary creations from our Estate Chef, Heidi James. Explore six different varietals, learning to identify common aromas in wine while tasting through a flight of our favorite wines. Our wine educator uses the ‘Le Nez du Vin’ aroma kit in this personal, seated tasting. 

Non-refundable experience. Email concierge@sbragia.com for bookings.

Offered Monday – Friday at 10:30 am & 1:30 pm. By Appointment Only.

Blending & Brunch with the Winemaker

$150-175 per guest | $125-$150 per wine club member

Discover the world of blending with an unforgettable morning with Adam Sbragia as he guides you to make your own unique creation. Tour the cellar, taste barrel samples and discover varietal characteristics. Learn blending techniques and tips from the source, then it’s time to experiment with your own blend. Your group will decide on the best blend, and the winning wine is bottled for you to take home! Enjoy a gourmet lunch prepared by our Estate Chef.

  • Includes a cellar tour, blending workshop, brunch, and tasting, plus one bottle of the winning blend to take home. Additional bottles are available.
  • 72 hours notice required. Contact the concierge for a list of dates offered. Perfect for groups of 2 to 12 people.
  • Sonoma Blend (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel) $150 per guest / $125 wine club members
  • Napa (Bordeaux Blend) $175 per person/ $150 wine club members

Held in our Library Room for groups up to 8 people.

Availability is limited. Please check with the concierge for a list of dates offered. Email concierge@sbragia.com

Please note, this experience is  unavailable during the harvest season.  (August – November) 

Book Your Experience

Call our concierge  to book your experience and to learn more about the different experiences we offer.

Add on an Estate Lunch, customize your flight and make the most of your visit to Dry Creek Valley.

Email us concierge@sbragia.com Call us at (707)473-2992 x 109