2005 Rancho Del Oso Cabernet Sauvignon

Each Tuesday at Sbragia we sit down with someone from the wienry to taste one wine from our portofilo to discover the sights, aromas, and flavor profile. You can view this video series on IGTVFacebook and Youtube each week. 

This week on Tasty Tuesday, Founder and Owner of Sbragia Family Vineyards, Ed Sbragia joins us to taste a special library Cabernet. Before starting Sbragia Family Vineyards, Ed worked in Napa Valley as the head winemaster of Beringer Vineyards. Ed used one of his favorite Napa vineyards to make this lushes wine. Owned by Betty O’Shaughnessy, this vineyard is located at the very top of Howell Mountain and is named after the red bear that climbs the deer fence and swims in the reservoir. Ed loves the big fruit flavors and unmistakable intensity of Howell Mountain fruit. Simply click here to help read way more jogo caça niquel gratis.

Tasty Tuesday Wine Highlight

This wine is available for one week only while supplies last. Only 15 cases remain. Browse our Social Distancing Sale.