Photo Essay: Fruit Set

It seems like overnight Grape Fruit Set has appeared in the Dry Creek Valley. Summer is quickly passing by in Sonoma County and these next coming months are the most impactful in the 2019 harvest season. The vines are rapidly maturing and the fruit is forming more each day. This stage causes the berries to touch and close into tight clusters. The vines located at Sbragia Family Vineyards are Zinfandel grapes which are typically large, thick-skinned clusters. This low maintenance grape does not need much tending to.  Time, heat, and patience are on its side. The below portfolio showcases the Zinfandel vines current state during Fruit Set.

We will closely monitor the growth and watch for the veraison process to begin. Next, the fruit will start to soften and change color as they ripen. Stay tuned for our next update in the vineyard this 2019 Harvest season.